The stimulating and innovative projects we provide address key social issues such as health, education and social inclusion, we have been at the forefront of community work for many years. Sportsmen/women or footballers understand their responsibilities and help effect a positive change in society.

Our aims would be to set a great example to the rest of the sporting world and show how far sport can be used to influence good. We hope to show the positive impact that football and sport can help in the lives of young people.

‘One Game One Community’

We have promoted education through football under the banner of sport4charity, Africa and the rest of the world has no more influential role models than its professional footballers. We have the ability through our work to motivate and enthuse and inspire the youth of today.”

Salif Diao

Charities Involved

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Salif Diao
International and Premier League Football player Salif has developed Sport4Charity to bring together sporting celebrities to help a wide range of charities. If you are interested in raising money for our Charity email The shirt off your back or old boots off your feet can make a world of difference!

About sport4charity

Sport 4 Charity brings together sporting celebrities/personalities with the desire to raise money to help a broad range of charities throughout the world. Currently Sport 4 Charity supports different charities in Europe and Africa. Fundraising events are held to bring a charitable focus through sport; helping some very worthy causes worldwide. Education and sport should be available to everyone – our charity aims to make education accessible to all, enriching young lives and growing their potential.

Many of the children and youths we help have limited access to education and those wishing to follow a sporting career have to leave their families at a young age, travelling for schooling and support such as Salif did himself at 13, Sport 4 Charity provides educational and sporting programmes within their communities.

Sport 4 Charity has been able to make a difference to charitable schemes providing valuable funds and facilities, Salif aims to encourage children to attend school and be rewarded, by being involved in a sporting programme. The children follow in the footsteps of sporting legends – literally! Boots, strips and equipment are all kindly donated, by sporting personalities and teams. Nothing is wasted and so much benefit is derived by children with a passion to rise above the struggle of their often difficult and restrictive lives.

How you or your club can help

Your donation is key to the success of the Charity. So whether a sporting hero who wants to support a charity with difference or a club who wish to support our charity contact to get involved.

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